The Safest Way To Enjoy Edibles

By April 1, 2020 Education

Edibles are becoming an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis, especially in the form of luxury cannabis-infused chocolate. However, perhaps you’ve heard of people having a bad edible experience due to overindulgence and want to make sure you don’t as well. 

In this article, we explore some key topics that we often get questions on. Such as, “how dangerous are edibles, really?” and “what’s the best way to ensure that I’m being as safe as possible when consuming edibles?”

We understand that as a first time user knowing the safest way to consume edibles can be confusing. Continue reading to learn some best practices when it comes to purchasing and trying luxury chocolate edibles. 

What are the risks of eating edibles?

Compared to other substances such as alcohol, the risks of consuming cannabis are relatively low. However, when it comes to edibles, overindulgence is known to come with risks. Such as dry mouth, paranoia, anxiousness, and increased heart rate. Adverse effects can produce more worrisome risks in older people and youths.

Choose products you can trust from a reliable supplier

Most of the “danger” associated with edibles comes from the fact that some people are buying them from unreliable sources who do not test or dose their edibles before selling them. If you buy edibles from anywhere other than a trusted dispensary, you really have no way to know what you’re consuming.

Make sure that you choose a company that verifies and tests all of their products, and stick to brands that you trust. Never buy edibles from someone you don’t know.

Understand what doses you should be taking

It’s vital that you read the dosage of any cannabis edibles you purchase and make sure that you’re taking no more than one serving. For instance, one Dreamland chocolate bar has 10 servings, each dosed at 10 mg of THC.

Start with a low dose for your first time. If you find it did not have as much effect as you would like after waiting for a few hours (due to digestion time), you can try again next time. It’s better to try too little than to try too much and end up “greening out” (feeling nauseous and anxious, which can even lead to vomiting).

Most importantly, do not keep eating edibles just because you don’t yet feel the effects. Edibles take much longer to take effect than smoking cannabis, which means that you could end up consuming much more than you mean to without precise dosing.

Stay safe when using cannabis

When you’re enjoying the effects of a cannabis-infused edible, you’re going to want to make sure you’re responsible and safe. For instance, your reaction times are slowed, so you’re a little more likely to get in an accident. For that reason, stay away from vehicles, and keep to a safe environment with people that you trust.

What to do if the effect is stronger than anticipated

If you did not dose correctly, or you simply underestimated the potency of edibles, you might find that the impact is stronger than you expected. To put it simply, you might feel too high. Remember to stay calm. No-one has even suffered serious or permanent health effects from being too high. To get over it more quickly, you should stay hydrated and find some non-infused snacks to munch on

Keep it away from children

Our luxury edibles are delicious and tempting. This means that children may also be tempted to try them, not even knowing that they are cannabis-infused chocolates. For that reason, you must keep them out of reach of children. Don’t think that just because they are hidden, they are safe. If you have the means to lock your edibles away, then do it. A child can eat a whole bar of edibles without realizing, which is many times the dosage meant for an adult.

Are edibles safe?

Providing that you’re choosing the highest quality edibles made with premium cannabis that has been lab-tested and verified, without unnecessary additives, then edibles can be completely safe. Just make sure that they are only being enjoyed by adults ages 21 and over, keep them away from children, and make sure you choose the appropriate dosage. After eating edibles, do not drive or do anything that could become risky if you’re under the influence.

Hopefully, the tips above show that it’s more than possible to enjoy edibles safely. Just make sure you know where they come from, how you’re dosing them, and how to stay safe when you’re enjoying the effects of them.

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