The Future is Edible

For newcomers, edibles may be a much more palatable (pun completely intended) way to enjoy cannabis. Edibles can be easily dosed and come in a range of delectable flavors.

Chocolate lovers can rejoice! You may consume cannabis the way you want with Dreamland Chocolates. The trick, however, lies with dosing in order to retain the luxurious taste and texture of the chocolate without negating the effects of cannabis.

Dosing: Start Low and Go Slow

Low doses of THC are recommended for consumers who want to be able to enjoy luxury edibles discreetly without a dramatic change. While you may enjoy a higher THC content in a more relaxed setting, overdoing it can lead to side effects including paranoia and nausea.

So, let’s look at getting the dosage right for you!


If you’re dipping your toe in the unfamiliar waters of luxury edibles you should aim for a THC dosage of 1-2.5 mg. Take the time to chew your luxury chocolate bar. Not only is this the best way to enjoy the sublime texture and flavor, but it also helps the cannabis to be absorbed into your system through your mouth.

Don’t expect to feel any effects straight away and leave it at least 2 hours before consuming more edibles. It’s common for people to overdo it until they feel the effects and it can tend to hit them like a ton of bricks.

Restless Sleepers

If you’re having trouble getting healthy natural sleep we recommend a dosage of up to 10mg of THC. This may help you to feel more relaxed and at peace and can help to ease anxiety.

Seasoned Consumers

Seasoned consumers may develop heightened tolerances for THC and as such may benefit from the recommended 10mg dose. This may result in a stronger sense of euphoria although it may alter perception and is likely to impair coordination.

Those new to combining the potential benefits of cannabis with the delicious and luxurious taste of chocolate should be wary of exceeding a dose of 10mg as this can result in adverse effects for new users.

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