Cannabis is changing, but more importantly, the people who consume it are changing. Widespread decriminalization and better understanding have helped to eradicate persistent stereotypes and misconceptions around cannabis consumption. Today’s cannabis users are extraordinarily diverse and about as far from the stoner archetype popularized by Hollywood types like Cheech ‘n’ Chong or Kevin Smith as it’s possible to get. 

For starters, many of today’s cannabis users are focused more on the potential benefits rather than simply chasing a high. As a result, they are more focused on creative ways to cannabis that fits in with their lifestyle. By consuming edibles with moderate concentrations of THC, users can enjoy them without worrying about adverse side effects or changes to their behavior.

One of the great things about edibles is that it allows seasoned connoisseurs to get creative with the luxurious taste of our quality chocolate infused with premium cannabis. Here are just a few delicious ways in which you can enjoy the potential benefits of Dreamland Chocolate…

Bake it into cakes and brownies

What makes the soft and luscious texture of your favorite brownies more luxurious than a solid chunk or molten river of delectable chocolate? The infusion of cannabis oil doesn’t interfere with the texture of the chocolate so cannabis chocolates which are baked into cakes and brownies are every bit as delicious as the conventional kind. Please keep in mind the dose! Each piece of Dreamland chocolate is dosed at 10mg of THC.

Mix it into a shake

Milkshake and ice cream parlors have been mixing people’s favorite chocolate bars into shakes for years now. Why stop at crowd favorites like Snickers or Hershey bars? Mix up your average milkshake with a dose of our luxury chocolate making for an elevated experience!

Drizzle or dip with fruit

Any excuse to make getting your daily dose fruits more delicious is okay by us! Meltdown your favorite dreamland chocolate bar and combine it with a selection of fresh fruits like tangerine segments, sliced bananas, blueberries, strawberries or apple slices. Whether you use a chocolate fountain for dipping or drizzle it over a delicious fruit salad, what better and more natural way to enjoy infused chocolate?

Pair with wine for the ultimate taste experience

The wonderful thing about both chocolate and wine is that they can make the palate come alive with subtle expressions of texture and flavor. When paired together, however, chocolate and wine can bring out the very best in one another, bringing out dimension and nuance in taste and texture to create unforgettable combinations. 

Create the ultimate relaxing hot chocolate

A hot cup of cocoa has long been hailed as a great way to nod off after a stressful day. However, if you still struggle to achieve restful sleep, perhaps you need to add a dose of indulgence with infused chocolate. Melt it into dairy or plant-based milk just as you would any luxury hot chocolate and enjoy with or without whipped cream and marshmallows. You may feel much more relaxed, rested, peaceful and ready to lay down your head. It’s probably a good idea to brush your teeth first, though!

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