There are many ways to enjoy luxury edibles at home, and plenty of different times to do it too. If you want to elevate your evenings, having some chocolate edibles for dessert is a quick and easy way to do it. It can help you to relax and have some fun and might give you a great night’s sleep too. Whether you’re looking for something to have for dessert after dinner or you want a midnight snack, our luxury chocolate bars combine premium ingredients and high-end cannabis for the perfect treat. Here’s how you can enjoy them safely at home for a fun and relaxing evening.

Eat Your Chocolate As It Comes

Each of our cannabis-infused chocolate bars has been designed to have a dreamy flavor that you will love. If you want to enjoy edibles, the food that’s infused with cannabis should be just as enjoyable as the cannabis itself. Our whimsical flavors are just as delicious to eat as they come, without adding anything. With fun choices like Simply Salted Toffee and Crackling Crunch, we make your chocolate edible experience exciting and luxurious. If you want to keep it effortless, simply have a dose of one of our chocolate bars on its own.

Top it Off with Chocolate

Our chocolate is also fantastic for crumbling onto or into your favorite desserts. Want to turn that piece of cake or bowl of ice cream into a blissful experience that will help you relax in the evening? Crumbling in a dose of our smooth chocolate will add both flavor and fun to your dessert. You can transform any dessert, just as long as it goes well with chocolate. Even a cheap dessert can become something else when you add some tasty luxury chocolate. You could even grate some chocolate onto a coffee or hot chocolate at the end of your meal.

Mix and Melt Your Chocolate

Our luxury edibles can also be mixed into desserts to add lots of flavors and enhance your experience. You could mix a dose of our Cool Mint chocolate into a milkshake for a mint chocolate shake with a twist. You could even melt your dose of chocolate and drizzle it over your dessert as a sauce, or spread it onto your dessert. How about some smores made with chocolate edibles? Do something fun with your dessert by getting inventive and adding it to your dessert in whichever way you like.

Enjoy Your Edibles Safely

If you want to enjoy chocolate edibles as part of your dessert, it’s important to know how to do so safely. Our chocolate bars offer a mellow dose of cannabis to help you manage your intake, but it’s still important to be careful if you want to make sure that you have a good time. Starting with only a small amount and waiting before you have any more will help to give you a good idea of how it affects you. Eat your dinner before dessert so you don’t eat edibles on an empty stomach. Find somewhere that’s calm to get comfortable, and get ready to be relaxed.

Make your dessert a memorable one when you enjoy it with our delicious luxury edible chocolate bars.

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