At Dreamland, we produce luxury chocolate that’s combined with premium cannabis. This creates stunning chocolate edibles that are impossible to resist. But, you can’t eat an entire bar in one go – no matter how tasty it is! So, how do you store your luxury edibles and ensure they don’t melt or spoil? It’s simple, and here are a few helpful tips every chocolate lover needs: 

Keep Them Away From Heat

Heat will basically cause your chocolate edibles to melt. But, we’re not just talking about exposure to heat sources – like a fire or your central heating. We’re also talking about general room temperature. The heat in a room can be enough to make any chocolate bar spoil – particularly when exposed to this heat for hours on end.

So, store your luxury chocolates in a slightly cool, dark place. Temperatures between 60-70 F degrees is best. That being said do not store them in the refrigerator! Keeping it in a cool cabinet is best, you want your chocolate to be stored in a spot with less than 50% humidity as it will cause your bar to sweat (those little droplets you’ll find from storing food in the refrigerator), this will cause your delicacy to spoil. 

Don’t Expose Your Chocolate To Too Much Light

Light and heat go hand in hand. Usually, if your chocolates are exposed to too much light, then they start to heat up. Again, this will just make them melt. As such, you need to find a storage place that’s both cool and dark. 

Seal Them Off From Oxygen

We’ve covered heat and light, now we need to worry about the air. When cannabis edibles are exposed to air, they can deteriorate quickly. The same goes for chocolate – the oxygen will basically turn your chocolate into a nasty color and make it spoil within a couple of days. Even if you keep your chocolate in a cool place, it will still go rotten in a few days without proper storing. 

Try this with one square of chocolate if you don’t believe us. Keep one out of the packet exposed to air, and keep the rest secure in an airtight container. You’ll find the exposed one feels different, looks strange, and tastes off. We suggest storing your luxury chocolate edibles in a little plastic tub, and maybe even putting it inside a small plastic bag. At the very least, try and cover the remaining chocolate with a wrap!

Keep Away From Children

Essentially, the best way to store cannabis-infused chocolate is to keep it in an airtight container within a cool, dark, place. We think a cabinet (one that’s not above the stove) is the best option and it will make your chocolate last even longer. 

But, there’s another concern; children. If you live with kids, then you need to keep your chocolate hidden away. Our chocolate edibles with THC are only for adults above the age of 21. Hide them high enough away from your kids, preferably on a top shelf – so they’re hard to reach. We recommend adding locks on the cupboard they’re in for extra precaution. This doesn’t impact how long it stays in excellent condition, but it prevents mishaps where children accidentally eat cannabis-infused chocolate! 

Storing cannabis chocolates is all about ensuring they’re kept cool, away from light, and with limited oxygen exposure. Follow our tips and your luxury edibles will last for a very long time!

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